The Burrow House safer space policy is as follows:

Burrow House is a Safer Space. That means while we cannot guarantee the safety of everyone at all times, we strive to create a positive, intersectionally aware, and harassment-free experience for all who enter, regardless of their age, ethnicity, faith, gender identity and expression, sexual identity and orientation, or mental and physical ability. We expect our guests to use kind and inclusive language, be respectful of different opinions and experiences, and gracefully accept constructive feedback.

If you’re made to feel uncomfortable, please inform the person that what they did is inappropriate, and that person should immediately correct the issue. If that doesn’t happen, or if you’re uncomfortable speaking up, please approach a Burrow resident. We will always prioritize the safety of the hurt over the comfort of the ones causing harm. We understand that everyone makes mistakes, and will approach conflicts with a mindset of empathy and education, escalating only in cases of resistance or violence.

We do not contact or answer the door for police, regardless of circumstance.